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Project; Sprinter Hydraulic Hybrid Conversion Kit     

Status; System Upgrade, new project for 2013

The hybrid vehicles primary role is to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining excellent performance. 

Benefits are a reduction in fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, co2 level outputs, noise pollution and operating costs. 

The system upgrade features an axial piston hydraulic motor with a through drive shaft. The outcome will produce a more compact hybrid drive unit to our standard retrofit hybrid propulsion system. By removing the need for a gearbox the component count is reduced and subsequently, reduces the weight of the system.

This new hybrid system is adaptable to any sized vehicle.

We have focused on developing retrofit hybrid systems for commercial vehicles because of the large amount of fuel they consume. The main difference between commuter or private vehicles and commercial vehicles is one is used primarily to go to work and come, in most cases, an average car will have a 2 hour round trip commuting to work. Refueling only once week. 

The commercial vehicle will run all day, averaging 10 hours driving, or more in a day and in some cases doing a double shift . Most commercial vehicles refuel on a daily basis. The hybridization of the existing fleet of motor vehicles should be every ones priority, in the fight against urban pollution.

 Hydraulic Hybrid Features & Goals 

  • Sold as a self installation aftermarket product
  • Up to a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
  • 2 to 3 years payback or return on investment
  • A 50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Single day installation of the hydraulic hybrid conversion kit
  • Designed for the life of the vehicle
  • Components are 100% recyclable , at end of vehicles life


Lets clear the air and bring back blue skies over our cities.

Expressions of interest are sought from companies wanting to be an early adopter of this emerging technology.

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