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Project; Argosy-2 Hydraulic hybrid

Status; in development

Hydraulic Hybrid System for heavy vehicles

Argosy-2. Is a 90 ton rated double road train prime mover (tractor unit). Main use in Australia, long-haul routes  pulling  B-double trailers. 

Above; A Typical Freightliner Argosy Configuration 

"ITS"  hybrid system is not restricted to just stop-go applications or low speeds. The hybrid system is engaged to launch the vehicle from standing start. It also engages to help maintain the vehicles road speed on the highways. 

Acting as a hydraulic retarder when braking recharges the accumulators to store energy for later use. In flat areas a "charge sustain mode" is engaged to ensure a usable amount of pressure is stored in the accumulators at all times.

Expressions of interest are sought from companies wanting to be an early adoptee of this emerging technology.


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