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Project; Argosy-1 Electric hybrid

Status; on hold

Electric Hybrid System for heavy vehicles

Argosy-1 electric hybrid project was developed for long-haul semi trailers and B-double trailer combinations. 

  "ARGOSY-1" an electric hybrid truck, we first displayed it at the Sydney Truck Show 8/8/2008. Shake down trials were successful with almost 2,000 kilometres completed.

 Test were conducted on two main interstate routes from Sydney to Brisbane trip up the New England Highway and return trip down the Pacific Highway.

Argosy-1 project was not commercialised because of battery manufacturers inability to supply a suitable product. All electric projects were put on hold JANUARY 2010, this aloud us to focus on developing our hydraulic hybrid systems. No batteries required. 

All of the hybrid components are housed within the chassis perimeter

top; Cliff installing the batteries: left; mounting flange for electric motor: right; drive shaft

Side view of replacement diff/axle propulsion unit

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