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ITS hybrid propulsion systems can be configured to suite almost any rear wheel drive vehicle. Examples below


Only hydraulic systems are displayed on this page. Click on Argosy-1 image on home page for electric hybrid system details.

Expressions of interest are sought from companies wanting to be an early adoptee of this emerging technology.

IN-LINE for Light & Medium Duty Vehicles

Hydraulichybrid system for vehicles up to 8 ton GVM

Image below  is of three different methods of attachment for a hybrid drive unit. P-drive is our standard or basic design. The other 2 are being developed to reduce the component count and produce a more compact hybrid drive unit. Alternative hydraulic motors will be trialed in an effort to reduce the retail price of the aftermarket hybrid system.


  • I-drive features a hydraulic motor that has a through drive shaft and doesn't require a gearbox.
  • P-drive features a parallel shaft gearbox to accommodate the hydraulic motor.
  • T-drive features a bevel gearbox for a 90 degree mounting of the hydraulic motor.





 IN-LINE for Medium Duty Vehicles

Hydraulic hybrid system for vehicles 8 to 24 tons GVM

This is our standard configuration, featuring a parallel shaft gearbox.

 END-OF-LINE for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Hydraulic hybrid system for vehicles over 24 ton GVM



Replaces one of the existing trailer axles or can be fitted as an addition axle to increase payload.



Hydraulic Drive Trailer Axle can also be fitted to the truck as a replacement drive axle for the non driving tag-axle unit.

Hybrid System for Busses

The hybrid system is suitable for all sized buses between 2 and 24 tons GVM (gross vehicle mass) including articulated buses.

Modified images below of typical bus chassis designs

  1. Top; is a rear engine bus chassis
  2. Center; front engine bus chassis
  3. Bottom; mid engine bus chassis