AIS, Anti Idle System

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Idling motor vehicles waste fuel and money, prolonged idling has a detrimental effect on the internal combustion engine. Transport operators that eliminate unnecessary idling can produce significant savings in fuel costs for their fleet of vehicles.

The AIS engine stop-start is designed to automatically shut down the vehicles engine after the selected time scale has been set, depending on which state or country you are in, this can be between 3 minuets to 5 minuets

Depressing the accelerator engages the hydraulic starter motor and the engine starts instantly.

The anti-idling system can be used as an ad-on option to our hybrid system to further reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 



AIS Operation

  1. The vehicles engine will shutdown at a predetermined time (eg 3 to 5 min.)

  2. Engine will restart automatically by depressing the throttle pedal to the floor, with the transmission in neutral and foot of the clutch.

  3. Driver engages first gear and drives off.

(Note vehicles fitted with an air brake system will not move off, if there is insufficient air pressure).

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EPA has classified diesel exhaust as a probable human carcinogen. Air pollution from diesel vehicles has health implications for everyone, but children are more susceptible to this pollution because their respiratory systems are not fully developed. Diesel exhaust typically contains particulate matter (PM), hydrocarbons (HC), and carbon monoxide (CO). Exposure to fine particles in school bus exhaust can result in increased frequency of childhood diseases, such as asthma.

At school yards, idling school buses release emissions directly into the breathing zone of children. As children line up to board an idling bus, they are exposed to the vehicles emissions at the most concentrated levels. Limiting the amount of idling time not only reduces exposure of school students to the harmful pollutants in diesel exhaust, but it also improves air quality. Link Below.


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Expressions of interest are sought from companies wanting to be an early adoptee of this emerging technology



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