Innovative Transport Solutions Pty Ltd

New project for 2013:

Introducing The Alternative Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion System  

The Product

"ITS" aftermarket hybrid conversion kit will significantly reduce motor vehicle fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 

The outcomes include a significant reduction in annual fuel costs as well as extending the vehicles usable life, which in turn also reduces emissions. We have a solution for every type of motor vehicle. 


The hydraulic hybrid conversion kit is suitable for all types and sizes of front engine trucks and buses.

Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles (HHV)

HHV are vehicles that use pressurized fluid, instead of electric power as an additional or alternative power source. The presence of the hydraulic power train is intended to achieve better fuel economy than a conventional vehicle. The differences between hydraulic-hybrids and electric-hybrids is that hydraulic hybrids recover, or harvest, the vehicle's kinetic energy during braking and decelerating significantly more efficiently than electric systems; hydraulic hybrids can recover up to 75% of the vehicle's kinetic energy compared to 25% for electric.

Hydraulic Hybrid Features & Goals


Sold as a self installation aftermarket product
Up to a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
2 to 3 years payback or return on investment
A 50% reduction in maintenance costs
Single day installation of the hydraulic hybrid conversion kit
Designed for the life of the vehicle
Components are 100% recyclable , at end of vehicles life

Expressions of interest are sought from companies wanting to be 

an early adopter of this emerging technology