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                          New project for 2013:

Introducing The Alternative Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion System

  "Hydraulic Drive Assist"


The hybrid vehicles primary role is to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining excellent performance. Other benefits are a reduction in exhaust emissions, co2 levels, noise pollution and operating costs.

The Product

"ITS" aftermarket hydraulic hybrid conversion kit will significantly reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions produced by commercial motor vehicles. 

The difference between commuter or private vehicles and commercial vehicles is one is used primarily to go to work and come, in most cases, an average 2 hour round trip. 

The commercial vehicle will run all day, averaging 10 hours or more in a day and in some cases doing a double shift .  

Hydraulic Hybrid Features & Goals 

  • Sold as a self installation aftermarket product
  • Up to a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
  • 2 to 3 years payback or return on investment
  • A 50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Single day installation of the hydraulic hybrid conversion kit
  • Designed for the life of the vehicle
  • Components are 100% recyclable , at end of vehicles life


    Expressions of interest are sought from companies wanting to be an early adoptee of this emerging technology



    Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles (HHV)

    HHV are vehicles that use pressurized fluid, instead of electric power as an additional or alternative power source. The presence of the hydraulic power train is intended to achieve better fuel economy than a conventional vehicle. The differences between hydraulic-hybrids and electric-hybrids is that hydraulic hybrids recover, or harvest, the vehicle's kinetic energy during braking and decelerating significantly more efficiently than electric systems; hydraulic hybrids can recover up to 75% of the vehicle's kinetic energy compared to 25% for electric.



    Using Proven hydraulic hybrid technologies, we have produced a universal fit hybrid conversion kit. The hybrid drive unit is adaptable to all types of commercial vehicles.




























    Typical layout of the "Hydraulic Drive Assist" hybrid system. The vehicles existing drive shaft is modified and shortened to accommodate the hybrid drive unit.



    Hydraulic components and accessories are positioned around the chassis to even out the weight distribution




    To assist in propelling the vehicle from standing starts and at times of   peak power demands, hydraulic accumulators collect and store free energy